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Top 100 Darkside Sites

Rank Site Rating In Out
1 STAR WARS :: Expansion Wars
0.00 0 0
SWRP Site based in the year 2,075 ABY Comments
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2 Rise of the Sith
6.67 0 0
Palpatine, murdered by a combined effort of Vader and Luke Skywalker in 4 ABY, and several times later in clone bodies, allowed for the creation of a new order in the galaxy. The Imperial Order came about. Skywalker became a sith, and was taught as his fa Comments
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3 Star Wars Force Aura
5.14 0 0
The year is 5,001 ABY. Darkness is returning to the galaxy. Comments
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4 The Dark Sith Lords
NR 0 0
The Sith Empire rules with an iron fist and it is currently 97 ABY. We have many Orders to choose from, all SITH, which includes the Military, Inquisitors, Mages, Church, etc. We are a GREAT roleplayi Comments
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5 Star Wars: Haven
10.00 0 0
An RPG set up years after Knights of the Old Republic 2. The Republic has finally been stablized but darkness lingers in the outer rim. The Sith Empire and the Mandalorians are rebuilding... Comments
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